More and more extra great features

Driver Cell phone Tracking

Follow your cargo from Point A to B through use of our cell phone tracking feature. No App or smart phone required, any phone capable of receiving text messages that is subscribed to one of the major carriers can be tracked. We offer this feature at a lower price than many competitors without sacrificing any quality. Our solution has been proven to increase driver acceptance ratio. Our team will work with you to make this happen.

Benefits of cell phone tracking include:

  1. Bread crumb location tracking updates with map visibility
  2. Alert notifications of arrival and departures at stops by leveraging geofence technology
  3. Predictive analytics – Manage only the few trucks that are “Late” not the many that are “on time”

Aside from the Cell phone ping solution, we also offer a full feature smart phone application with additional benefits as follows:


  1. Physical driver confirmation of arrival/ departures
  2. Ability to submit pictures of POD, lumper receipts, and locations
  3. Documented conversations

Load Tracking Portal

All of our tracking products include our web based desktop load tracking portal.  This portal provides a holistic view of all of your shipments in transit and prioritizes shipments in need for issue resolution.  Key features include:


  1. Customer visibility – Provides optional full visibility of shipments in transit to your customer
  2. Ability to send and receive text communications with drivers which increases your productivity
  3. Document management – stores all PODs, Lumper Receipts etc
  4. Performance reports providing data to enhance your KPI tracking.

Seamless Customer Communications

Communicate with your customer in a slick, easy, and professional manner.  With the Way Cool Trucking suite you can provide your customers with all the information they need to know their freight is secure and on schedule.  With our solution you can show your customers as much or as little information as you like.  Some key features include


  1. Real time visibility map displaying up to the minute locations for their trucks in transit.
  2. Arrival and departure information for each shipment letting them know what milestone the truck is currently involved with
  3. Issue communications and resolution via chat applications

Maximize Dispatch Efficiencies

Way Cool Trucking allows your dispatchers to maximize their efficiencies.  By leveraging our solution you are able to increase the service and communications with your truck drivers while at the same time reducing dispatcher head count.

One of the key features includes the automatic prioritization of issues to follow up on.  No longer do you have to ask, “What do I need to do next.”  Also, we eliminate the “Oh I forgot to check on that.”  This enables drivers to be more satisfied as their issues are being followed up timely and professionally.  It also eliminates the failure to follow up on critical items such as detention and lumper fees which eat into your profitability.

Our solution also offers the following values:


  1. Allows you to manage by exception.  If a shipment has no issues then it will continue to pass through the process without the need to be touched by human hands.
  2. Communication to customers and drivers by use of a messaging platform which saves you time, allows you to handle multiple tasks, and provides documentation of your communications.  Much easier to send a pick up number this way versus over the phone.
  3. Enables you to get PODs and other vital records in the hands of your customers quickly, thus enabling you to get paid faster.