Just because Valentine’s Day has come and gone does not mean you can slack off on the road and take your relationship for granted.

It’s the middle of the month and you haven’t seen your spouse in weeks. Sure, you talk on the phone, chat on messenger; but it’s just not the same. They’ve been going through some tough times with the death of their mother and you know they really want you home. But the reality of the job is you have to suck it up and drive. Still, it can take a toll on the relationship. Here’s some tips on how to keep the flame burning even when you’re away.

Call  – This doesn’t mean call while you’re driving or sitting in traffic on I-287 in Jersey although you’ll do that anyway. But call and listen. Be present without distractions. Have you ever been on the phone and your mind starts drifting towards lunch at the TA, the woeful stats on the Cleveland Browns or how frogs procreate? You can be with your loved one in spirit. Sometimes those silences on the phone are where the spirit is.   

Flowers – A flower a day keeps the divorce lawyers away. OK, not every day – that’s overkill. Still, it’s old fashioned but it works. All those heart emoticons don’t stand up to a bouquet of roses for no reason then just because. Maybe your spouse isn’t very romantic. Will they say, “Why the hell did you waste money on flowers?” In that case, remind them in a note they can give them away, perhaps the old neighbor living alone next door would like them?

  Write a poem, postcard, letter – Nothing says love like poetry. If you were asleep during English composition class and writing is just not in your blood consider sending a simple postcard from the road now and again. Nothing regular, the key is the surprise factor. Your significant other will get a boost of dopamine upon receiving a delightful postcard of an empty field from Des Moines. OK, maybe not Iowa… the Grand Canyon is more like it!

There is also the handwritten letter. Not an email! A letter. Do you have any skills with a calligraphy quill? If a 10 year old can master the quill in a few days at summer camp, so can you. Take those sweet nothings to nother level of adoration.           

Learn a song – If you are at all musically inclined, you can either write a song or learn to sing and perform one in honor of your mister or missus. If you’re singing resembles Roseanne Barr screeching the national anthem maybe you can learn an instrumental song on piano or guitar. If their name is Beth, who can forget KISS’s “Beth” by drummer Peter Criss? If you have no skill with an instrument and zero memory for remembering lyrics go the karaoke route.    

There you have it. While none of these things are guaranteed to work, it is hard to imagine a spouse at least feeling a bit warm and fuzzy for few seconds.

Or they might just laugh their head off. Oops. Sorry.

What keeps the flames lit when you’re on the road? Got tips for other truckers? We’d like to hear from you.