The trucking industry is facing several challenges that will all need to be addressed.

  1. We see 100,000 new drivers every year for the next 10 years
  2. We specifically target women and millennials in recruitment efforts.
  3. We get a makeover from top down to improive our image to general public and the demographics we long ignored.
  4. We create new parking spaces.
  5. We focus on health, fitness and nutrition of truckers
  6. We can make amends or come to peace with ELD/HOS.
  7. We improve working conditions, driver compensation, insurance to address high turnover.
  8. We actively training new drivers to be prepared for a day when they are assistants to the self-driving truck. The day will come sooner than later and it’s a moral obligation to let these drivers know SIlicon Valley is rapidly advancing with respect to automated vehicles.

In a book called Collapse by Jared Diamond, the distinguished professor and author outlined several ways societies survived or failed. One idea I have taken from the book is that we can solve all of our problems except for one and it is that one that takes down the entire industry and the collapse of trucking leads to a decline nationally. A holistic approach is required to meet the needs.