Woemn make up 6% of truckers in USA but that could change.


We need more women! That’s a direct message from industry leaders. The traditionally male-dominated trucking career has had a change of heart in recent times with driver shortages, fierce competition to recruit and retain drivers, and an ever expanding demand for loads to go from Point A to Point B. There are demographics that have long been ignored and that is beginning to change out of necessity.

Before all the dudes cry foul and ask why there needs to be special treatment for women the reality is this:

  • Women have fewer accidents
  • Women statistically are more loyal to a carrier.
  • Women drive more miles than male counterparts.
  • There are fewer terminations.

Are you trying to fill positions at your company? Are the boys in the office scratching their heading wondering how to attract more women for the driver’s seat? Does anyone have a plan?

  1. It starts with good pay, choice lanes, time off, and dispatch that works with and not against. Women like being home with or near the kids on weekends.
  2. As a company leader with the mind to hire more women ask yourself: do we have any women in the office? Do we currently have any women drivers? If you do not have any female employees either in the office or in a truck, your first rule is to hire one for the office. If you can’t afford a full timer, try a part time position or internship.
  3. Does your marketing message appeal to women? Are there any women included in the driver testimonials? Are there images of women truck drivers in your literature? Hire a female marketing consultant that has experience in logistics.
  4. Do you have a mentor program for new drivers? Are any of the mentors veteran women drivers? Get on that.
  5. Does your company have a zero tolerance policy on matters of sexual harassment? Is it written into the company handbook? Would a woman be safe at your company? Would you be comfortable letting your daughter or granddaughter work in the office?
  6. Are your trucks more ergonomic? Do they have automatic transmissions? Do they have toilets? Are their double beds for couple team drivers?

Only 6% of truckers in USA are women. That is likely to change in the near future because of all the dudes retiring. Your company can benefit from reliable women drivers with a little bit of tweaking.

For more information check out Women in Trucking.