The Garden State famous for Bruce Springsteen and the Sopranos also is famous for lack of truck parking. In a question posed to the trucker community, numerous truckers claimed that New Jersey was the worst for parking in the USA despite the findings by the Federal Highway Administration in the Jason’s Law Survey.    

After a long day of driving, traffic, and 4-wheelers, the last thing a truck driver wants to find is a Pilot  jam packed with every parking space occupied. The parking situation is so bad truckers are forced to park on the shoulder of interstates like I-287 near the New York state line in Mahwah. Police will arrive to force them away but out of options truckers will return as they are mandated to rest after driving 11 hours in a 14 hour period and face large penalties if caught driving off hours. Other drivers may find parking in dangerous, remote places; and, in 2009 trucker Jason Rivenburg was murdered in his truck while parked at an abandoned gas station in South Carolina. The law enacted that bears his name aims to protect truckers by promising safe and adequate rest stops.

With the ever present demand for freight shipped faster and cheaper, it is vital for private sector, federal and state agencies to solve the challenge of truck parking in Jersey with several interstates, the Port of New Jersey and New York close by. And if you’re trucking to New Jersey arrive well before evening or better yet reserve a space.