With hard enforcement of the ELD mandate fast approaching it appears the dire parking situation for commercial drivers is getting worse. In an ongoing poll by Overdrive magazine 70% of truckers indicated “I’ve noticed lots full or very close to full earlier in the evening and/or later in the morning than before.” Another 15% indicated “Parking has gotten more difficult generally” while 6% have resorted to reserving parking spaces.

In a recent government survey, states were ranked from best to worst for truck parking availability with the northeastern states like New York and New Jersey ranking the worst. Other states terrible for truck parking include Texas and the entire west coast of Washington, Oregon and California.

With the ELD, the logical conclusion is that in the months to come the parking shortage will only be exacerbated while the industry as a whole still faces a trucker shortage and rising demand. The plus side for this chaotic state of affairs is higher rates all around the freight industry but in the end the entire economy suffers as a result. Companies will only bare the brunt of skyrocketing shipping costs which can be as high as 40% above average before adjusting prices at the cash register and letting the consumer pay.

Here’s an idea; hire more team drivers – like husband and wife teams. While one driver sleeps, the other drives keeping the truck on the road longer, filling demand and aiding the parking pickle. Read more about the parking issue here.