Transport industry is either preparing for spring or winter depending on who you talk to.

Canadian logistics industry is learning a lot from their southern neighbors as the April 1, 2018 ELD mandate nears for us Yanks. Canadian commercial drivers will all be on ELDs by 2020 which really means dear canucks, if you aren’t used to using them, get started now.

The Rear View Mirror report that loads that were not available a few months ago are now suddenly available going both ways. The freight exceeds capacity. The load boards are full, trucks are full and freight is being delayed. That’s good news for the carriers who were prepared and upped the rates to attract and retain drivers. The spot market looks good and it will probably get even better.

The shippers have a different story to tell. Not enough trucks especially for LTL. They are being told by carriers there is no capability or shipment is out of route. So presumably what was doable before ELD/HOS complications is no longer doable by fudging the paper logs. One would expect the FMCSA to make some amends to HOS within the next few months as increased costs for shippers like General Mills is simply swallowed or passed on down to consumers.

If you were honest in your logging in the past and still managed, the ELD should not affect your business and you can reap the benefits of high demand and low supply truckers. We have yet to see what April will bring. Is it truly April showers that bring May flowers or like in Game of Thrones “winter is coming.”