Photo via Way Cool Trucking

Have you ever heard about sex slavery in developing countries? You’re probably at least aware of its existence somewhere far away from the United States, but the fact of the matter is the trafficking of humans under the age of 18 is happening right here in the USA. One organization called Truckers Against Trafficking aims to educate commercial drivers about what a trafficking situation might look like and what do to if such a situation arises.

Many states are beginning to require a class on trafficking as prerequisite for attaining the CDL. Recently, Colorado passed such a law to educate the trucking community on modern day slavery. In 2017, Texas signed into law the required class and it’s estimated that human trafficking affects 300,000 victims in the Lone Star State alone particularly the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Commercial drivers are at the frontline of the anti-trafficking campaign as they see more motels, truck stops and gas stations than most, all places where traffickers are lurking looking for buyers. The victims are forced to have sex with customers and are abused mentally and physically in order to maintain control. Red flags of a trafficking victim would include lack of knowledge of local community; restricted communication; CB chats about a “commercial company” or flashing lights for a “buyer location”; lack of identification; mention of a “pimp” or “quota; and branding of traffickers name like a tattoo on the neck. 

Any driver that sees something suspicious is advised to call a hotline number and report as much information as possible including physical descriptions of the suspected traffickers and victims. They also should note the vehicle model, color and license plates as well specific times and locations of the activity. 

At no point should a commercial driver attempt to confront the suspected trafficker. 

The hotline number is 1-888-3737-888 in the US.

For more information on Truckers Against Trafficking see the link here.